Introduction to Cyber Securtiy

Introduction to Cyber Securtiy

Course Overview

The Introduction to Cybersecurity 2.0 explores the field of cybersecurity, specifically the importance of cybersecurity, data confidentiality, best practices for using the internet and social media safely, and potential career opportunities in this growing field. The 15 hour self-paced course with instructor led option has been updated with the interactive, multimedia and instructional format, leveraging the same graphical user interface (GUI) as in the CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum.

Be Safe on Cyberspace
The Internet is a staple in our everyday lives. It is an excellent resource for connecting and sharing information. It is also full of unseen threats. Staying safe on the internet needs to be a conscience concern as we have much to lose if we don’t exercise
caution. Introduction to Cybersecurity presents the importance of cyber security, data confidentiality, and the best practices necessary for using the internet and social media safely. The course steps students through security aspects in a broad, easy to understand way, explaining the value of securing data, both personal and businessrelated.
The course exposes students to the increasing demand for cyber security professionals and the career opportunities available.
The course modules define cybersecurity, explaining why it’s important, the impact of cyber attacks, and introduces the processes for securing data.

The course offers the following:

´ Interactive content
´ Activities and lab exercises that reinforce learning
´ Links to articles and websites helping you explore cybersecurity on your own
´ Quizzes to check your understanding

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