Course Description

This course is for those who are willing to establish their career in domain of Java Web Development. The main focus of our training will be based on web application development(project) that the student have to make during this training session, also have to go through pressure testing the purpose of it is to groom students ability to work in  pressure scenarios.

End Result:

  1. Can be recruited in a firm as JAVA/JAVA EE developer.
  2. Perform database and web development task as freelancer.
  3. Develop a product for could be leaded as a startup.

Duration                                   Credit Hours

       1 Month                                     30 hours


  1. Fundamentals of Programming
  2. Object Oriented Programming
  3. Data  Structures
  4. Fundamentals of Web Designing
  5. JSP Servlet Relationship
  6. Users and Use Cases
  7. Interface Modeling
  8. Data Integration
  9. Fundamentals of Database
  10. Database Design and Modeling
  11. SQL and Query Classification
  12. Database Integration
  13. System Integration
  14. Optimization
  15. Platform configurations and understanding
  16. Fundamentals of Development and Problem solving techniques


Training Fee                                      Starting Date

10,000/-                                                  12/2/2018