Unity 3D

Course Development

This course is for those who are willing to establish their career in domain of Game development. The main focus of our training  will  be based on Mini Game that the student have to make during this training session, also have to go through pressure testing the purpose of it is to groom students ability to work in pressure scenarios.

End Result

  • Publish own application on google play store and app store
  • Establish freelancing  career by unity 3d developer
  • Can be recruited in a firm as game developer.

Duration                                        Credit Hours

1 Month                                              30 hours


  • Introduction to Unity 30.
  • Skyboxes.
  • 30 assets.
  • Particle Effects.
  • Media Handling.
  • 1st Person/3rd person Controller.
  • User Interface Ul(Responsive design).
  • Fundamentals of Scripting  and  Development
  • Physics on Objects.
  • Colliding  and  Triggering  of Objects
  •  Animations and  Rig  Characters
  • 1st/3rd person shooting Game.
  • How to make build on different platforms.
  • Introduction to Maya.
  • Freelancing  and  Selling  Games

Training Fee                                      Starting Date

 12,500/-                                               5/1/2018