OpenStack Private Cloud

OpenStack Private Cloud

OpenStack Private Cloud Hands-on Training

Course Contents Delivery Plan

•   Open Stack Private Cloud Network Design & Configuration (half day)

•   MAAS (one day)

•   JUJU & Conjure-up (one day)

•   LXD Containers Basics (half day) Bonus

•   Open Stack basics & Deployment (one day)

•   Open Stack Administration (one day)

Data Centre Agility using MAAS

The smartest way to manage bare metal environment

Get the flexibility of the cloud and the efficiency of physical servers. MAAS is designed for DevOPS at scale, in places where bare metal is the best way to run your app. Big data, private cloud, PAAS and HPC all thrive on MAAS.

Fast deployment of nodes, Machine Configuration, Chassis Management, Network Management, Hardware testing, Service tracking with MaaS

Deploy Open Stack Private Cloud on multi node environment

Install and Configure an Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud (Private Cloud)


Section 1: Introduction to an Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud

           1: Understand OpenStack

           2: Understand Ubuntu’s Approach to OpenStack


Section 2: Install and Configure MAAS

           1: Understand MAAS Features and Functionality

           2: Understand MAAS Configuration Commands

           3: Install a MAAS Server

           4: Configure a MAAS Cluster

           5: Commission Machines with MAAS

           6: Work with Tags

Section 3: Install and Configure Juju

           1: Understand Juju Features and Functionality

           2: Understand Charms

           3: Understand Juju Configuration Commands

           4: Install and Configure Juju

           5: Deploy and Configure Services with Juju

           6: Understand Juju Service Deployment Troubleshooting


Section 4: Configure an OpenStack Cloud

           1: Understand OpenStack

           2: Understand OpenStack Deployment Architecture

           3: Understand OpenStack Deployment Sizes

           4: Understand General OpenStack Configuration Commands

           5: Configure the Global OpenStack Environment


Install and Configure an Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud


Section 5: Deploy and OpenStack Cloud with Juju and MAAS

           1: Understand OpenStack Deployment with Juju

           2: Understand Relationships Between Cloud Services

           3: Prepare OpenStack for Use


Section 6: Work with Software-Defined Networks

           1: Understand OpenStack Networking

           2: Understand Neutron Configuration


Section 7: Work with Cloud Images

           1: Understand Glance Features and Functionality

           2: Understand Glance Configuration


Section 8: Configure an OpenStack Project

           1: Understand OpenStack Tenants/Projects

           2: Understand Keystone Configuration Commands

           3: Understand Key Pairs, Security Groups and Quotas

           4: Understand Tenant/Project Networking


Section 9: Work with Cloud Workload Instances

           1: Understand Nova Features and Functionality

           2: Understand Nova Configuration


Section 10: Work with OpenStack Storage

           1: Understand OpenStack Storage

           2: Understand Cinder Features and Functionality

           3: Understand Cinder Configuration

           4: Understand Swift Features and Functionality

           5: Understand Swift Configuration

           6: Understand Ceph Features and Functionality


Section 11: Introduction to Landscape and Ubuntu Autopilot

           1: Understand the Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack

           2: Understand Landscape Features and Functionality

           3: Deploy an OpenStack Cloud Using conjure-up


Section 12: Configure Juju to Manage a Tenant in an OpenStack Cloud

           1: Configure Juju to Work with OpenStack